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Civil, Govt & Mining

Government, Civil and Mining Concrete Products

Concrete Products Australia (CPA) is a leading provider of innovative precast concrete solutions for customers in the civil, government and mining sectors across Queensland.

High quality engineered solutions for projects of any size, our variety of precast products can suit numerous applications and we can also manufacture custom products as per your requirements.

Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

Concrete Products Australia (CPA) produce a range of reinforced concrete box culverts, link slabs for multi-cell installations, base plates for individual culverts to suit customer requirements and wing walls to help capture and direct water flow.
Reinforced concrete box culverts (RCBCs) are a permanent, hard-wearing option for drainage and bridging roads and railways, tunnelling or service ducts, or stock and wildlife crossings. Precast units mean easy installation with minimal disruption.
All culvert products are manufactured to Concrete Products Australia (CPA) engineered specifications. As full third party Quality Assurance accreditation is held, Concrete Products Australia (CPA) products undergo daily production monitoring and concrete components are tested and analysed on a regular basis.
All reinforcement materials used by Concrete Products Australia (CPA) meet the specified requirements. Having supplied the civil, government, mining, public and private sectors as well as the agricultural and building industries for many years, our production team have the skills and experience to effectively and efficiently produce a quality product on time.
Concrete Products Australia (CPA) work closely with clients to ensure requirements and timelines are met.

Concrete Pipes

Concrete Products Australia (CPA) are proud to be a distributor of concrete pipes manufactured by Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia. They are a wholly Australian owned concrete pipe company originating from the merger of Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) and Australasian Pipeline and Pre-Cast (APP). RCPA is committed to the use of high tech machinery in all its operations and is a leader in cutting edge technology and innovation. Modern technology is used to produce concrete pipes to a new and higher standard, ensuring accuracy and durable characteristics.

Car Stops

Each Car, Truck and Wheel Stop is manufactured and precast with 50 mpa concrete and are 49kg.
Specifications are:
1700mm long, 100mm High and 150mm Wide. They have two holes cast in to allow for hold down pins or spikes.

Traffic & Bike Lane Separators

Traffic & Bike Lane Separators are ideal for traffic management applications ensuring to support public safety. Manufactured by Concrete Products Australia (CPA), the purpose of the Traffic & Bike Lane Separators is to keep vehicles within the vehicle lane and out of the bike lanes and vise-versa. These act much like a speed bump alerting vehicle drivers and bike riders when driven over helping to avoid any vehicle / bike incidents.

Man Hole Covers

Key Features:
Slightly tapered for easy fitting
Diameter of Cover: 700mm
Height of Cover: 80mm

Double Head Stones

Key Features:
Dimensions: 700mm x 490mm
Height: 110mm

Single Head Stones

Key Features:
Dimensions: 500mm x 340mm
Height: 110mm